Recently, Finnish singer/ bassist Marko Hietala released his debut solo album "Pyre Of The Black Heart" via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band are pleased to reveal another live video, for track 'For You', that was recorded during their recent European tour. Watch the live clip 'For You', here:
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Marko Hietala comments: "Hi everyone! What a sorry state we, the civilization on planet Earth, are in. Everyone, everywhere feels it this time. For a lot of us this has already become a personal issue in the worst possible ways. For my part I’m just grateful that my lady got back to me from the other side of the world in time. There’s a trusted hand to hold in this isolation. I was lucky. Patience, courage, strength & love to all. Marko. And here’s one more live video from Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland. This one’s 'For You'." Get your copies of "Pyre Of The Black Heart" here: