The history of death, doom and gothic metal gets a new chapter soon: On May 15th, PARADISE LOST release their new masterpiece "Obsidian". In a series of trailers that the band launched recently, Nick and Greg have been sharing memories from the band's early days with fans. Today, the guys take their audience back to the first gig of PARADISE LOST:
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You can order "Obsidian" now in various formats here: To get your hands on one of the exclusive bundles that Crashrecords are selling with tickets for PARADISE LOST's release show at The Warehouse in Leeds on September, 17th, check out their online shop: More on "Obsidian": 'Darker Thoughts' (TEASER): 'Fall From Grace' (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO): 'Nick and Greg discuss 'Fall From Grace (OFFICIAL TRAILER)': 'Nick and Greg discuss the scene when the band has started (OFFICIAL TRAILER)': 'Ghosts (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)': 'Nick and Greg discuss the band's first rehearsal' (OFFICIAL TRAILER):