Recently, Swedish visionary metallers SOILWORK have released a brand new song called 'The Nothingness And The Devil'. It foreshadows the band's upcoming EP "A Whisp Of The Atlantic" that will be released on December, 4th via Nuclear Blast. Order "A Whisp Of The Atlantic" here: SOILWORK's Bastian Thusgaard recently signed with Search Drumheads and today he presents a new drum playthrough video in which he demonstrates their products. You can watch Bastian’s take on 'The Nothingness And The Devil' here:
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Bastian on the video: "I’m stoked to announce that I’ve officially signed with Search Drumheads, a new brand based in Denmark. Having been a customer in the brand owners drum shop for many years, I also love the fact that I can work with a domestic brand and support local business. In this play-through of the latest Soilwork single ‘The Nothingness And The Devil’ I’m testing Search D57’s, S3’s, S10’s and S10D5’s which makes the playing experience even better. Fans do really have something to look forward to when Soilwork’s EP ‘A Whisp Of The Atlantic’ drops in a few days. We have challenged ourselves beyond anything with this release and something truly epic is coming your way."