TWILIGHT FORCE - At the Heart of Wintervale ICE BLUE VINYL - LP

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At the Heart of Wintervale ICE BLUE VINYL
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Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal

The new album by TWILIGHT FORCE "At the Heart of Wintervale" will be released as a limited ice-blue LP in a gatefold with a 4-page booklet.


More Infos:

With their new album "At the Heart of Wintervale", the adventure metallers TWILIGHT FORCE begin the fourth chapter of their epic tale! Scheduled for release on January 20th, 2023, the six heroes embark on a glorious journey through their own fantastic realm – the Twilight Kingdoms – filled to the brim with gallant melodies, fierce riffs, heroic orchestrations, pounding drums and magical sagas resulting in a unique, immersive experience. Combined with stunning artwork by Kerem Beyit and presented live on 2023’s Winter Wonder European headlining tour, “At the Heart of Wintervale” is a mandatory quest to join if you are looking for symphonic power metal at its most proficient and captivating.



Side A
1. Twilight Force
2. At the Heart of Wintervale
3. Dragonborn
4. Highlands of the Elder Dragon

Side B
5. Skyknights of Aldaria
6. A Familiar Memory
7. Sunlight Knight
8. The Last Crystal Bearer