Sworn To A Great Divide



  1. Sworn To A Great Divide
  2. Exile
  3. Breeding Thorns
  4. Your Beloved Scapegoat
  5. The Pittsburgh Syndrome
  6. I, Vermit
  7. Light Discovering Darkness
  8. As The Sleeper Awakes
  9. Silent Bullet
  10. Sick Heart River
  11. 20 More Miles

'Sworn To A Great Divide' is the long awaited return to the aggression and dynamics of 'Natural Born Chaos', and a startling re-invention of the trademark Soilwork sound that will force the copycats and wannabes to look for a new career. Bigger and bolder than ever.' Carl Begai/BRAVE WORDS & BLOODY KNUCKLES

The question that has bothered every SOILWORK fan recently has been weather the band can manage to record an album as strong as their previous ones since main composer Peter Wichers left the fold. The answer is short and simple: YES! 'Sworn To A Great Divide' is a killer record and by far their best work to date. Combining the best elements from both, 'Stabbing The Drama' and 'Natural Born Chaos', the new record is a reinvention of SOILWORK’s sound.

Catchy as hell but at the same time brutal as fuck! Vocalist Speed has once again outdone himself, improving on his trademark sound with help from Devin Townsend (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD), who produced the vocals in his Canadian studio. The riffs are razor sharp at all times, both in melodic or total shred mode, and when it comes to the drumming, Dirk Verbeuren shows he is one of the best metal drummers on this planet, period. The first single is 'Exile' – one listen to the track and you will know why. It’s an impressive song from the opening seconds, both memorable and melodic for sure but songs like 'Your Beloved Scapegoat', 'As The Sleeper Awaits' or the up tempo smasher, 'The Pittsburgh Syndrome' will also be among your new favorite SOILWORK songs!! To make a long story short: 'Sworn To A Great Divide' is the next step up on the big ladder of success that is SOILWORK’s career.

The band has done everything possible to create another killer album and they have more than suceeded. Not a single fan will be disappointed by this record as this one really captures the essence of the band. It delivers both strength and passion in one deadly cocktail of emotions. Call them Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Modern Metal – whatever, if doesn´t matter as the only thing that counts is that SOILWORK are good. 'Sworn To A Great Divide' makes them even better…