Next Friday, the new AVANTASIA single 'Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose' will be available for download. On Wednesday 9th at 21.00 CET the song will be played on the Tobias Sammet Rockshow on RadioBob. You can also stream the show live from . 'Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose' is a four minutes song which Tobias described as a short opera within the rock opera. The choirs alone took over 40 hours to record - just for that one song! Tobias: "At first listen it's a straight forward epic rock track in the vain of Meat Loaf meets AVANTASIA, but there are so many details and even though it flows well, it's the most sophisticated and detailed single I've ever released. Except from the chorus and one guitar line not one single part is repeated, even the verses are completely different. If Meat Loaf or Richard Wagner would do that kind of song, I am sure this would be a major hit. I just hope people take their headphones and listen to this in a darkened room and not over their mobile phone speakers, because that's the only way this music unfolds its magic." Pre-order »Ghostlights« in various formats here: