About Nuclear Blast

About Nuclear Blast

30+ years of pure fucking Heavy Metal

The Home of Metal

Established in 1987 in Germany, Nuclear Blast Records is a global powerhouse in heavy music. What began as a passion project for punk and hardcore has blossomed into a label championing diverse metal subgenres.

From hardcore punk to thrash metal, melodic death metal to black metal, we've been pushing the boundaries of heavy music for over three decades.

Nuclear Blast Records

A roster with over 120 metal bands

Nuclear Blast Records boasts one of the most diverse rosters in the metal world. Our lineup includes legendary acts like Nightwish, Sabaton, Anthrax or Slayer, and rising stars like Beast in Black, Gatecreeper or Malevolence.

A metal record label with a strong worldwide presence

Our music knows no borders. With fans in every corner of the globe, Nuclear Blast Records has become a rallying point for metalheads worldwide. From sponsoring festivals to developing artists at all their career stages, we give back to the scene that fuels our passion. Because without our fans and supporters, none of this would be possible.

Nuclear Blast Hellfest France

Writing the future of heavy metal music

Metal is constantly evolving, and so are we. From pioneering new sounds to embracing the latest technology, we're always on the cutting edge of what's next in the world of heavy music. Whether it's through our groundbreaking releases or innovative marketing strategies, we're proud to be leading the charge into the future of metal.


The Nuclear Blast Records community

We're more than just a label – we're a community. Over the years, Nuclear Blast Records has been honored with numerous awards and chart-topping albums, solidifying our place as one of the premier metal labels in the world. Yet we are focused on what’s ahead. Follow us on our social platforms to get the freshest news and share with fellow metalheads!