Devil Sold His Soul

DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL - sign with Nuclear Blast

DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL have signed with Nuclear Blast & release the first single 'Beyond Reach' of their new album "Loss"!
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Every new beginning holds its own magic: With today's release of their new single 'Beyond Reach', Ambient Post-hardcore outlet, DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL, does not only announce their fourth studio album but also reveal the joyeous news that the band inked a deal with metal heavyweight Nuclear Blast Records. The first result of this collaboration, titled "Loss", will see light on April, 9th. The album will be available in various formats. Pre-order here: With the video for 'Beyond Reach', the band showcases not only their charismatic performance skills but also gives a short glimpse on the earth-shattering riffs, huge soundscapes and soaring melodies awaiting you on "Loss". Check out the video for the late 2020 music sensation here: Singer Paul Green states: "Our first single 'Beyond Reach' tells a story of the struggle and the impact that losing someone has, it speaks about the positive impact that individuals can have on us, and how loss can leave you unable to function. Despite the song coming from hard times, the track is positive, uplifting and carries plenty of energy. The message is far from sombre, instead it comes from a place of gratitude for having had that person in our life." He continues about the eagerly awaited DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL album: "We're incredibly excited to announce the release of our 4th album, 'Loss', through Nuclear Blast Records. 'Loss' comes from a dark place for us, life was cruel in the years before and during we wrote this record, this was our fuel for the songs. 'Loss' is an honest snapshot of that time in our lives, and it is our way of paying respect to those we loved and who are no longer with us. We couldn't be more proud of these 10 songs and where they have pushed our songwriting, and we hope they truly connect with the listener. I don't think any of us imagined when we were writing this album, that we would end up signing to the biggest metal label in the world. It's given us that added validation that we've created something special, and we now have the platform to push it to where it needs to be.The belief that the team at Nuclear Blast has shown in the record is truly humbling, we're extremely proud to be a part of this great label, and to be on a roster alongside so many bands we love and respect." Nathan Barley Phillips, Nuclear Blast A&R, adds: "When the underground kings of emotionally crushing cinematic post-metal sent me the album of their career, it was an absolute no-brainer. I just knew we had to be involved and that we had to share it with the world. This album is a true journey in every sense of the word; soaring highs that make you want to scream at the top of your lungs, and soul-shattering lows that will bring you close to tears. This is the kind of album you dream about working with. Dreams just became a reality." The tracklist reads as follows: 1. Ardour 2. Witness Marks 3. Burdened 4. Tateishi 5. The Narcissist 6. Beyond Reach 7. Signal Fire 8. Acrinomy 9. But Not Forgotten 10. Loss DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL begin a new chapter in their highly-acclaimed career, signing to metal heavyweights Nuclear Blast Records. 2021 will see the band release their fourth studio album ‘Loss’, their first with the dual vocal attack of Ed Gibbs and Paul Green. DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL burst onto the UK underground metal and hardcore scene in 2004 growing a cult following from their first record, ‘Darkness Prevails’ EP released through Visible Noise (BRING ME THE HORIZON) in 2005. Their debut album, ‘A