An important request from us to you:

Before you send us an email, please read the information on this page first. Your questions may already be answered here!

Q: I play in a band and would like to ask if Nuclear Blast would be interested in signing us?

A: Please always ask yourself if your music is already good enough to obtain a record deal. If you think you can compete with our other artists (in terms of songwriting/ playing abilities) or if you've got something special and unique to offer, we're happy to get your demo.

Nevertheless, we are trying to listen to all demos we get. Please note that we get LOTS of them, so be patient if you don't get a message after one or two weeks.

Please, do only contact us by email – DO NOT send CD's or other formats by post. Saving resources is good for the planet!

Before you start to write an email, please take a look at this little checklist of things you should include in your email:

  1. We only accept demo submissions in English language. Please DO NOT write in German or any other language.
  2. A full contact address (name, address, phone and e-mail).
  3. A link to your Website and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel, Spotify, Bandcamp or Soundcloud).
  4. A link to your latest unreleased demo recordings (private listening / stream link, Soundcloud etc.)
    DO NOT attach MP3 or other files. Any emails with attachments will be deleted.
  5. A biography of the band.
    Please also include any press quotes or links to features / reviews etc.
  6. Everything that is worth knowing about your product and your band.
    Did you record in a special studio? Did you work with a great producer? Do you have a touring history? And so on...

Very important:

Please send ONLY text and links, no attachments!

Have you got everything on the checklist? Then you can send us an e-mail to the following address: