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IN FLAMES - release new music video for 'Stay

IN FLAMES release new music video for 'Stay With Me' To Support the #UnitedWeWillMosh!
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Sweaty circle pits. Screaming every lyric until your throat is raw. Jumping off a stage into a sea of strangers with whom you share such a strong, unspoken bond with that you know they’ve got your back. Remember live shows? IN FLAMES is bringing us back to life before Covid in their new video for “Stay With Me”, the closing track on their 2019 album "I, The Mask" to remind us all that we must come together to support those behind the scenes in order to return to the pit. Teaming up with Save Our Stages (US), Let The Music Play (UK), Save Live Events Now (US), Stagehand (UK), Red Alert (DE) and more, the video brings you back to the energy a live show brings and the community each one creates. In a call to action to save live events, IN FLAMES believes that United We Will Mosh. Ahead of the premiere via Revolver magazine, fans can tune into a live Zoom with none other than SiriusXM Octane and Liquid Metal host, Jose “Metal Ambassador” Mangin reminiscing on their favorite tour memories, select questions from fans and more. Tune into today at 8pm CEST / 11am PST / 2pm EST here: Fans can also directly support IN FLAMES crew members by purchasing a limited #UnitedWeWillMosh t-shirt, which proceeds will go to the long time roadies, accompanied by new winter items available today at Fans can find donation links supported by the #UnitedWeWillMosh Campaign in multiple territories here: Save Our Stages (US): Let The Music Play (UK): Stagehand (UK): Red Alert (DE): Save Live Events Now (US):