White Stones

WHITE STONES - release new single!

Today, WHITE STONES reveal a lyric video for the second single 'Drowned In Time'. Watch the video here.
From Martin Mendez, bassist of the ubiquitous OPETH comes WHITE STONES, a solo death metal project. Recently, they announced that their debut album named “Kuarahy” (pronounced Kwa-Ra-Hee) will be released on March 13th and today, they reveal a lyric video for the second single 'Drowned In Time'. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/iOaUxtHDnb4 Get the single digitally here: https://nblast.de/WhiteStones-Drowned Recently, WHITE STONES also kicked off the pre-order for "Kuarahy". The album will be available on CD, LP and digitally. Pre-order your copy here: https://nblast.de/WhiteStonesKuarahy The creative process for WHITE STONES’ debut album “Kuarahy” began during a year-long break OPETH took after the Sorceress tour, as a means of unwinding by exploring new avenues of creativity. Initially that’s all it was ever meant to be. “I’ve always written music at home but never had the confidence to do anything like this” says Mendez, “I never wrote a song, never presented something I wrote for Mikael (Åkerfeldt, Opeth singer/songwriter)” he continues. “I didn’t have any direction, I came up with the first song for fun. WHITE STONES has nothing to do with OPETH, I see no relation between the two. I played “Kuarahy” to Mikael a few months ago, he really liked it and was happy for me. Everyone in the band has side projects, it’s important. We tour so much you can become consumed by it; it has been really nice to do something different. WHITE STONES has renewed my strength and energy.”