The wait is finally over, as of today the brand new masterpiece by diabolical Death/Black Metal troop BELPHEGOR entitled »Totenritual« is unleashed via Nuclear Blast. Order »Totenritual« now: Or digitally: The international media is already raving about the album, as displayed in the quotes below: "The best BELPHEGOR release of the recent years! Very strong album!" LEGACY | 12/15 Points "Austrian veterans of the perverse get back into full gear!" TEAMROCK (UK) | 4/5 Points "‘Totenritual’ is possibly the most extreme record you will hear from a major label in 2017 – prepare yourself for aural annihilation." METALWANI | 9/10 Points “A band that just seems to get better with age and once again they deliver an amazing slab of death metal. Not for the faint-hearted but if you like extreme metal, then you are going to love Totenritual.” HEAVYMAG ""Totenritual” definitely puts BELPHEGOR at the top of the big league and is quite possibly the best extreme album you will hear this year." BATTLEHELM | 5/5 Points The celebrate the release, BELPHEGOR unleashes a new music video for the previously released track 'Baphomet' on Monday via an exclusive premiere through Metal Hammer UK at 18:00 CEST! Mastermind Helmuth states: "Hail! Expect evil incarnated in audio and visual form." »Totenritual« - Track Listing: I. Baphomet II. The Devil's Son III. Swinefever - Regent Of Pigs IV. Apophis - Black Dragon V. Totenkult - Exegesis Of Deterioration VI. Totenbeschwörer [Instrumental] VII. Spell Of Reflection VIII. Embracing A Star IX. Totenritual Bonus (Digipak): X. Stigma Diabolicum (live) XI. Gasmask Terror (live) »Totenritual« was recorded at Stage One Studios, Germany and Studio Mischmaschine, Austria. Over three years have passed since the »Conjuring The Dead« album was released. The new album was mixed by Jason Suecof and mastered by Mark Lewis at Audiohammer Studios, Florida. The artwork was once again created by Greek artist Seth Siro Anton, who also painted the cover artworks for »Pestokalypse VI« in 2006 and »Conjuring The Dead« in 2014. More on »Totenritual«: 'Totenkult - Exegesis Of Deterioration' [RECORDED LIVE]: 'Apophis - Black Dragon' [LYRIC VIDEO]: 'Baphomet' [LYRIC VIDEO]: Studio Trailer #1 - Drums: Studio Trailer #2 - Bass: Studio Trailer #3 - Rhythm Guitars: Studio Trailer #4 - leads, overdubs and concert guitars: Studio Trailer #5 - Vocals: