The time has finally come! Sweden's rock sensation BLUES PILLS release their long-awaited self-produced studio album "Holy Moly!" today and are ready to drag the listener into a world of psychedelic tunes, soaring soundscapes, emotional hymns and Elin Larsson's powerful soul voice! After topping the charts in several countries and even hitting the #1 position in Germany with their previous studio effort "Lady In Gold", the band decided to work with renowned Grammy Award winning Andrew Scheps and Nicolaus Arson (The Hives) to prove that they are here to stay as leaders of a new generation of vintage rock. To celebrate the release of this third full-length creation "Holy Moly!", the young quartet presents a new music video for their single 'Rhythm In The Blood', which you can watch here:
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Order "Holy Moly!" on the format of your choice, here: ”This album is something we’ll be proud of even after death", the band reflects. "These songs are from a very dark period of our lives. So much loss, anger and anxiety. Sadness and change. A separation into reincarnation. We stand behind every note and every word. This album was created in darkness and it guided us into the light again. One can only hope it will give you comfort too.” In case you missed the previous videos, make sure to watch them here: 'Kiss My Past Goodbye': 'Proud Woman': 'Low Road':