Feel the power of the mighty coven! Swiss Heavy Metal band BURNING WITCHES has today released a music video for their brand new single 'Circle of Five'. The ladies conquered the studio and recorded this new masterpiece accompanied by their new lead guitarrist Larissa, who joined them a few weeks ago. Romana comments: “We are hungry for action and are proud to present you this new song that reflects the band pretty well: it's a bit freaky - high on gain and shows that we are a strong unit again! This way we can go through good and bad times together! Larissa shows you here why she is the perfect person to play lead axe for us – please give her a warm welcome, she deserves the very best! And now enjoy this new riff-monster 'Circle of Five'!“ Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/u1p95tf2jlo

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New WITCH Larissa adds: "Today is a big day for me, yes it's out! After two productive and amazing days in the studio, here comes the first song and video I recorded with my sisters of BURNING WITCHES. I'm heavily proud to be part of the 'Circle of Five' and the whole great metal family that belongs to the WITCHES. Enjoy and stay metal!!!” The all-women Heavy Metal band BURNING WITCHES will join the cult Thrash Metal band DESTRUCTION at their upcoming show, which will take place at Junkyard, Dortmund (Germany) on September 25th. Get your tickets here: https://junkyard.ticket.io/gcl3crlc/ BURNING WITCHES' manager and DESTRUCTION front man Schmier comments: “Indeed the circle is now ccompleted with Larissa. It was amazing to see how the girls have been growing throughout the last months! This new song is a strong statement for the next album and the future of this bright shining HM diamond that the girls are! All hail to the WITCHES!” Save the single on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer here: http://nblast.de/BW-TheCircleOfFive There is more witchcraft coming soon! Check out the official BURNING WITCHES's social medias. Order »Dance With The Devil« now: https://nblast.de/BWDanceWithTheDevil