After the celebrated release of Bay Area thrash metal legends DEATH ANGEL's new album, »Humanicide«, the band is giving fans yet another look inside the making of the record. Today the band has revealed a new album trailer in which guitarist Ted Aguilar discusses writing his first song, 'Alive And Screaming,' on an album in his 17 years with DEATH ANGEL. Watch the 9th trailer for »Humanicide«: DEATH ANGEL's new album, »Humanicide«, was released on May 31st and has since received an outpouring of acclaim from critics and endless praise from fans. The record also garnered some of the band's highest charting positions of their career! More on »Humanicide«: 'Humanicide' OFFICIAL VISUALIZER: 'Humanicide' OFFICIAL PLAY THROUGH: 'The Pack' OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO: 'I Came For Blood' OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Trailer #1 - Writing »Humanicide«: Trailer #2 - Working With Producer Jason Suecof: Trailer #3 - »Humanicide« Cover Art & Wolf Trilogy: Trailer #4 - About 'The Pack': Trailer #5 - The Album That Made You Want To Become A Musician: Trailer #6 - Lyrical Concepts On »Humanicide«: Trailer #7 - Consuming Music Now vs Then: Trailer #8 - Mark Osegueda's Stand Out Tracks On »Humanicide«: Purchase »Humanicide« in various formats, here: Listen to the band's new tracks in the NB New Releases Playlists: /