She is the undisputed queen of Rock and Metal. And now DORO is also on top of the Charts! Her latest double album "Forver Warriors, Forever United" has shot to #1 in the German vinyl charts! The corresponding GfK press release states: "Doro Pesch is the "Queen of Heavy Metal" - and now also the queen of the Official German Vinyl Charts, determined by GfK Entertainment. With her double album "Forever Warriors // Forever United", which contains a total of 25 new songs, she wins the duel against her genre comrades Mantar („The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze“)." Metal rules – and now it also dominates the vinyl charts. „I really love vinyl! For many reasons, but partially because of the beautiful big cover artwork. That's why I'm all the more happy that my record hit number one in the charts “, DORO smiles. „Of course, streams and downloads are becoming increasingly important today, but I'm still a huge fan and collector of records and picture discs - and many fans seem to feel the same way! “ Order »Forever Warriors // Forever United« now: