The new masterpiece of Germans epic metal pioneers EQUILIBRIUM, „Erdentempel“, is out now! Guitarist, composer and lyricist René Berthiaume spent almost four years working on the new creation. The outcome is a very emotional and above all very personal album, that leads back to the roots of the band, without neglecting the bombast of the previous two records. Melodic Metal, powerful yet playful, heavy but emotional, inspired but independent. Smartly crossing genre borders and diving into geniously brave experiments of an exotic nature, just seem to happen and make this album even more interesting and the spearhead of the bands’ discography to this point. The press agrees: „ERDENTEMPEL represents Equilibrium's next step on their career ladder in virtually every way. A bold step which will definitely lead the quintet out of the traditional confines of their genre and enlarge the corresponding target audience many times over.“ Metal Hammer (D) | Manuel Liebler „On their fourth full-length album Equilbrium really display the fireworks, consisting of plenty of bombast, superb anthems and an epic mix of Pagan and Folk Metal. Twelve massive, experimental and last but not least infectious tracks.“ EMP | Adam Weishaupt “Probably the most complex and sophisticated and therefore convincing EQUILIBRIUM Album!” Legacy (D) | Michael Schumacher "Erdentempel" highlights the uniqueness of this band and will certainly not disappoint any EQUILIBRIUM fan" | Frank Wilkens “A splendid series of brilliant feats, bold, confident and accurate.” Sonic Seducer (D) | Markus Eck „Who said you couldn't party on an epic journey ? Equilibrium prove it by mixing different musical feelings in Erdentempel, resulting in an awesome voyage!” LA GROSSE (F) 'Equilibrium embraces its original momentum again in these twelve emotive tracks! Amazing pagan metal with epic bombast!' Lords Of Metal (NL) | Vera Order the album here: More about “Erdentempel”: Videoclip “Wirtshaus-Gaudi” | Making Of Videoclip | Track-Video “Karawane” Album Trailer I | Album Trailer II’ Track-by-Track I | Track-by-Track II Track-by-Track III