Denver, Colorado based doomed heavy metal quartet KHEMMIS released their "Doomed Heavy Metal" EP on April 17th via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band offer fans the guitar playthrough for 'Bloodletting' which can be seen here:
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"Doomed Heavy Metal", is a unique collection of songs from the quartet. Side A includes a brand new cover of 'Rainbow in the Dark' as well as a pair of rare singles--'A Conversation with Death' from the band’s 7” split with SPIRIT ADRIFT and 'Empty Throne' from the Decibel Magazine Flexi Series. Side B highlights the power and emotional intensity the group wields onstage with a selection of live recordings from 2018’s Two Nights of Doomed Heavy Metal showcasing one song from each of KHEMMIS’ albums. The band comments, "We are thrilled to finally unleash "Doomed Heavy Metal"! As the world continues to navigate these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to embrace parts of our lives that give strength and connect us to others. Heavy metal has done that for the four of us as it has for many of you. This mini-album is dedicated to all of our fans, to Dave at 20 Buck Spin, to Monte and all of our family at Nuclear Blast and to heavy metal as both an art form and a way of life. Put on this record raise a beverage up high and let these songs bring some light into a dark world." ICYMI: 'Rainbow In The Dark' (DIO cover) OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO: 'A Conversation With Death' OFFICIAL VIZUALIZER: Order your digital copy of "Doomed Heavy Metal" album here: The band will also have LP's / CD's available for sale at