To celebrate today's international beer day, KORPIKLAANI saved the best for the end of an epic journey: Today, the band is pleased to release the last version of 'Beer Beer'. This time it is 'Mellanöl' featuring Viking Danielson singing in Swedish! Continuing KORPIKLAANI’s concept of singing in different languages and cultural influences for 'Beer Beer’. Check out the new lyric video for 'Mellanöl' here: KORPIKLAANI says: "We approached many bands in Sweden to create the swedish version for Beer Beer without success. Some simply did not want to, one did not like the idea of singing in native swedish tongue, some feared that their stainless image would be rotten if they get involved with something like a drinking song. Had Sweden forsaken us? Luckily the word went around and we had a hint about a lesser known band from a mystical Öland Island. So here is Viking Danielson from Svarta ljuset (Västerås tjejerna, smutsigt mamma, ta kuken I munnen Konungen) singing his heart out about Mellanöl, the common swedish beer with disturbingly low alcohol level." The band recently launched their own spruce flavoured Vodka in cooperation with Pyynikin Distilling Company as well as a special live stream event to celebrate: KORPIKLAANI will fulfil everyone’s dream of having a “piss up in a brewery” and will perform live from inside the brewery on Saturday, August, 29th at 20.00 CEST. Tickets can bought from their new website, where you can also get exclusive merch and also pre-order the Vodka! Order »Kulkija« and more, here: Check out their various versions of 'Beer Beer': 'Beer Beer' [feat. Christopher Bowes | ALESTORM]: 'Kaljaa' [feat. Vesku Jokinen | KLAMYDIA]: 'Øl Øl' [feat. TROLLFEST]: 'Bier Bier' [feat. Gerre | TANKARD ]: 'Bír Bír' [feat. FLERET]: 'Pivo Pivo' [Meri Tadic | IRIJ]: 'Beer Kill Kill' [feat. Steve 'Zetro' Souza | EXODUS]: 'Birra Birra' [feat. Emilio Souto | SKILTRON]: 'Pivo Pivo' [feat. Milan I ACHSAR]: 'Bier Bier' [feat. Lars Vogel | HEIDEVOLK]: