This week there is a special ‘SEPULQUARTA’ scheduled for you! SEPULTURA is proud to welcome Carolina Castro (Sea Shepherd Brasil) and Mitch Anderson (Amazon Frontline) to this week’s Q&A which will focus on the ongoing environmental issues that we are facing. Also joining this week’s Q&A is Andre Trigueiro, a Brazilian journalist specialized in ecologial and ambiental problems. Derrick Green comments: “On our next Sepulquarta, the first part of our Live Q&A will be in English. Our guest will be Mitch Anderson, the founder and executive director of Amazon Frontlines and Carolina Castro, the president of Sea Shepherd Brazil. These two organizations are on a path to create awareness and fight for causes that benefit the well-being of indigenous tribes, wildlife, our oceans, and land so important to our planet. They are a credible source to know what’s going on and what solutions can be done to prevent our further decline." Furthermore, SEPULQUATRA will be premiering the band’s new official Music Video for ‘GUARDIANS OF EARTH’, the fourth single taken from the band’s latest album ‘Quadra’. Join this Wednesday for ‘SepulQuarta’, which will start at 9 PM CET / noon PST on: More from "Quadra": "Isolation": "Last Time": "Means To An End": More from "Sepulquarta": "Isolation" (Live Playthrough): "Agony Of Defeat" (Live Playthrough): "Refuse Resist" (Live Playthrough): "Kairos" (Live Playthrough): "Kapital Enslavement" (feat. Kadu Fernandes): "Resistant Parasites" (Live Playthrough): "Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering" (feat. Emmily Barreto): "Mindwar" (Live Playthrough): "Cut-Throat" (feat. Scott Ian): "Desperate Cry" (feat. Jason Bittner & Felipe Roa): "Inner Self" (feat. Phil Rind): "Biotech Is Godzilla & Polícia" (feat. Shavo Odadjian & Tony Bellotto): "Live Q&A with Devin Townsend": "Sepulnation" (feat. Danko Jones): "Ratamahatta" (feat. Joao Barone and Charles Gavin): "Meaningless Moments" (feat. Roman Ibramkhalilov): Order »Quadra« now in various formats here: or in the official SEPULTURA shop: