UK based Modern Thrash heroes SYLOSIS have made their entire upcoming album, »Dormant Heart«, available for streaming. Despite the name, »Dormant Heart« is not a peaceful album: It’s about a powerful force unleashing anger against everyday injustice and a sleeping society that lets these things wash over them. Speaking about the album Josh Middleton states: “It's the most pissed-off, aggressive and intense album we've done, yet it still retains the epic, progressive and melodic side we're also known for. It's a very gloomy and atmospheric album. We've been through a lot as a band and individuals and we've made our darkest album to date.” »Dormant Heart« tracklist: 1. Where The Wolves Come To Die 2. Victims And Pawns 3. Dormant Heart 4. To Build A Tomb 5. Overthrown 6. Leech 7. Servitude 8. Indoctrinated 9. Harm 10. Mercy 11. Callous Souls 12. Quiescent Bonus tracks: 12. Pillars Erode 13. Zero (Smashin’ Pumpkins cover) Bonus DVD The Dormant Heart Sessions - Live in the studio You can pre-order »Dormant Heart« here:
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