Coming Saturday, December 22, the new issue #82 of German “Legacy” magazine will be out – including an exclusive four-track compilation of THE BIG TEUTONIC 4! This unique CD in slipcase presents the Teutonic thrash legends KREATOR, TANKARD, DESTRUCTION and SODOM performing four cover versions of world-famous all time metal classics, namely: 1. KREATOR – “The Number Of The Beast” (by Iron Maiden) 2. SODOM – “Iron Fist” (by Motörhead) 3. DESTRUCTION – “The Hammer” (by Motörhead) 4. TANKARD – “The Prisoner” (by Iron Maiden) Moreover, you can find news, stories & reports regarding HATEBREED, ENFORCER, HOLY GRAIL and many others on bulging 230 pages – grab your copy of Legacy magazine incl. THE BIG TEUTONIC 4 compilation at the Nuclear Blast web shop: As recently announced, THE BIG TEUTONIC 4 will also share the same stage on one evening for the very first time in history: at the Beastival festival in Geiselwind, Germany, that’ll take place from May 30 to June 1, 2013. Make sure not to miss this memorable event! Secure your tickets at the nuclear blast web shop: For further information, visit: