On November 1, 2019, Icelandic wrecking crew UNE MISÈRE unleashed their explosive full-length album SERMON via Nuclear Blast Records. The band celebrated the record by playing a hometown release show at ÐNÓ, Reykjavik Iceland. Today, the band releases the live audio and footage from the memorable show in the form of SERMON Live. UNE MISÈRE comments, "On December 14th, 2019, we played our release show in Iðnó, Reykjavík. We put everything into the show, both physically and mentally and the reward was way more than what we had expected. The atmosphere inside that venue, the mindset shared by all those who attended and by those who were working the show - it all came together. We want to thank everyone involved for helping us make this a reality. Our Sermon lives forever!" SERMON Live is now available for download and streaming as well as fans can enjoy the complete live footage of the show on YouTube. The album was engineered by Þorsteinn Gunnar Friðriksson and Leifur Örn Kaldal who also handled the mixing. The artwork was assembled by Ingibjörg Soffía and features the photography of Ásgeir Helg. Watch the impressive live concert of SERMON here: https://youtu.be/k73fDsR1RZI
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SERMON Live track listing: 1. SIN & GUILT (Live) 2. SERMON (Live) 3. OVERLOOKED - DISREGARDED (Live) 4. BURDENED - SUFFERING (Live) 5. FALLEN EYES (Live) 6. BEATEN (Live) 7. GRAVE (Live) 8. FAILURES (Live) 9. DAMAGES (Live) 10. OFFERING (Live) 11. SPIRAL (Live) 12. VOICELESS (Live) 13. CONDESCEND (Live)