WIND ROSE - Warfront BLACK VINYL - schwarz

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WIND ROSE - Warfront BLACK VINYL in Gatefold
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Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal, Mittelalter / Folk

Dwarven power metal force WIND ROSE returns with mighty battle anthems! After releasing their epic, highly-acclaimed 2019 album of powerful tales and even more powerful riffs, Wintersaga, power metal’s mightiest dwarves, WIND ROSE, return from the forge – hammering more anthems against the anvil on their new album "Warfront", out June 10!



Side A
1 Of War and Sorrow
2 Army of Stone
3 Tales of War
4 Fellows of the Hammer
5 Together We Rise
6 Gates of Ekrund

Side B
7 One Last Day
8 The Battle of the Five Armies
9 I Am the Mountain
10 Tomorrow Has Come

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Release Date Jun 10, 2022