Blind Guardian

A Twist In The Myth



  1. This Will Never End
  2. Otherland
  3. Turn The Page
  4. Fly
  5. Carry The Blessed Home
  6. Another Stranger Me
  7. Straight Through The Mirror
  8. Lionheart
  9. Skalds & Shadows
  10. The Edge
  11. The New Order
  12. Dead Sound Of Misery

All at once the fog thins out and gives a beautiful view over a wonderful, unknown fantasy world, which is absolutely breathtaking. The landscape shines in a mysterious twilight of the setting sun, sinister dragons sway through the clear air. Where the endless vastness is touching the the land, you can see the silhouettes of four shapes, proceeding determined with unflinchingly countenances, for they shepherd a sparkling treasure. A silver disk shines in their middle, created to proceed with the history of Germany's most successful Metal band in artful letters. The disc will be engraved on a new page in the big book of music history.

In fact, the album 'A Twist In The Myth' really salvaged the key to the gates of another reality – a reality in which musical borders are blurred and compensated by innovative perfection. Weighty rhythms push dark clouds across the nightly sky in order to be discharged in a thunderstorm of drums and guitars. On the next morning the clouds yield the harmonic sunbeams full of brilliant melodies. The eleven songs of the CD are fed by memorable energy and creativity, every track is a multi-layered piece of art.

The single 'Fly' already showed that the ring-bearers from Krefeld escaped from the Shire to get inspirations in the most diverse spheres. The traditional sound of BLIND GUARDIAN still builds a stable base of the record, the peerless voice of singer Hansi Kürsch brings a multitude of sincerely emotions to the listener and pleases with its variability. Refreshing and brave are the new influences in the music. Monumental choir parts were interchanged by a huge portion of heaviness. This bridges the past and the future of the companions. 'Another Stranger Me' – a groundbreaking video was shot for this - documents the development of the band, while 'Turn The Page' and 'Skalds And Shadows' invites you to a party in best Hobbit manner. Now it´s your turn! With this record you´re holding the entrance card to magic dimensions. Safe-keep it with dignity, immerse into the latest chapter of the history of BLIND GUARDIAN. Let 'A Twist In The Myth' cast a spell on you…

BLIND GUARDIAN were founded in the year of 1984 and they knew very soon what their musical mission was. The lore of their absorbing live performances was quickly spread over the whole country and more and more fans of the ring-bearers followed them through their J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired journey. From year one the heroes of Speed Metal refined their sound with fantasy spirit and cool dynamics. The well-deserved breakthrough came in 1992 with the classic 'Somewhere Far Beyond'. Their enormous status was established with the next two albums 'Imaginations From The Other Side' (1995) and 'Nightfall In Middle-Earth' (1998). As the first German band, BLIND GUARDIAN did their own festival in 2003 and captured the impressions on a DVD called 'Imaginations Through The Looking Glass'. The successful 'Bard Song' was re-released again for this occasion and outnumbered it´s previous triumph. 'A Night At The Opera', the successor, entered the German charts at #5 and the single '…And Then There Was Silence' even topped the Spanish single charts! After joining the Nuclear Blast family, the band recorded their next highlight: 'A Twist In The Myth' (produced by Charlie Bauernfeind)! The single 'Fly' entered the German single charts at #30 (#1 in Japan and #4 in Spain – and notations in five other countries!) – by itself a big success.