Twilight Force

Dawn Of The Dragonstar



  1. Dawn Of The Dragonstar
  2. Thundersword
  3. Long Live The King
  4. With The Light Of A Thousand Suns
  5. Winds Of Wisdom
  6. Queen Of Eternity
  7. Valley Of The Vale
  8. Hydra
  9. Night Of Winterlight
  10. Blade Of Immortal Steel
  11. The Power Of The Ancient Force (Hanna Turi Version)
  12. With The Light Of A Thousand Suns (Orchestral Version)
  13. Enchanted Dragon Of Wisdom (2007 Demo)
  14. Forest Of Destiny (2007 Demo)

Lo and behold: The »Dawn Of The Dragonstar« is here! Three years after their spellbinding quest aptly called »Heroes Of Mighty Magic«, the epic metal brotherhood TWILIGHT FORCE is about to unleash their most ambitious, most epic and most daring adventure yet. Sharpen your blades, brew your potions, mend your shields and brace yourselves: A storm is coming. And this time, it will leave no stone unturned.

In order to truly understand what otherworldly power lies within the very foundations of »Dawn Of The Dragonstar«, a deeper understanding of the Twilight Kingdom is essential. Formed somewhere far beyond, in the well-known Swedish heavy metal capital of Falun (say hi to SABATON!), TWILIGHT FORCE didn’t take long to leave our earthly realms behind. Already in their 2014 debut »Tales Of Ancient Prophecies«, they took their spellbound listeners deep into their very own kingdom in which the Knights Of Twilight’s Might protect the lands with the help of a powerful dragon. Spells were cast, swords clashed, arrows quivered and shields were ripped apart as the Knights freed the land of an evil oppressor - only to be sent back onto yet another epic quest in 2016 (earthly calendar, mind you) to restore freedom and faith in their beloved realm.

Now, in 2019, their biggest and most daring quest of them all awaits. A quest to end all quests, a challenge so dangerous and enthralling only the Knights of Twilight’s Might are capable of pulling it off. With their new bard Allyon at the helm - a fabled hero foretold in prophecies - the ranks of the TWILIGHT FORCE are complete once again. “We shall never forget that eventful night where he was summoned before us through arcane and ancient magic,” they remember in rapture and awe. “The arcane powers in his voice shake the very foundations of reality, and we are humbled and grateful that his destiny was to become the bearer of the Crystal Of Kings, and the conveyor of our legendary tales and songs.”

With renewed vigor, they embark on a perilous journey - a journey they so uniquely sing about on »Dawn Of The Dragonstar«. “Crafting TWILIGHT FORCE hymns requires the uttermost serenity, seclusion and undisturbed tranquility, as it is an extraordinarily time-consuming and painstakingly precise affair,” the group of heroes heralds of its latest undertakings. “Any disturbance to our crafting rituals could potentially alter the fabric of mana, or open rifts to the nether realms. But fear not, we take every safety precaution and utilize the most intricate of protective spells to ensure the safety of the Twilight Kingdoms. We work relentlessly in the gloomy glow of the Twilight Forge.”

In other words: TWILIGHT FORCE go to great lengths to once again deliver some of the most epic and fantastic hymns power metal has ever known. Precise as a flying arrow, ringing as a victorious sword, thundering like a galloping steed, entrancing like a magician’s most potent spell and roaring like a fiery dragon: »Dawn Of The Dragonstar« is the hymn these heroes deserve and will make you ask “Mano-who?”. Each a legend in his own right, the TWILIGHT FORCE is a unique clan of adventurers, venturing to the brink of the world to gather stories for their unforgettable tales. “We are the Crystal Bearers, the prophetic saviors of the Twilight Kingdoms, and the carriers of eternal hope and arcane lightforce,” they exclaim in epic excitement. And excited they should be: Their previous quests led them to the very corners of the universe! “Countless adventures followed in the wake of »Heroes Of Mighty Magic«,” the knights nod in nostalgic remembrance. “We traveled far and wide, over land, sea, and air. We witnessed a myriad of legendary places and tremendous wonders on our journeys, and every battle brought us closer and closer to glory. We are eternally grateful for all the opportunities and invigorating experiences brought upon us. And we gaze with eager and keen eyes into the future.”

They better should: There is no fellowship more suited for telling tales from another realm - and no troupe of heroes more eager to spread its fabled tales. “The urge is ever-present and everlasting!” we hear. “»Dawn Of The Dragonstar« was the only and natural step for us to take in the wake of our second opus »Heroes Of Mighty Magic«.” Written down, contemplated, composed and recorded by TWILIGHT FORCE alone in their very own hideaway deep within the woods, we can finally lend our ear to new legends of arising heroes and thwarted enemies. “The tales on »Dawn Of The Dragonstar« are not a direct continuation of our previous creations. However, they are all derived and translated from the same tomes of mythical prophecies and scrolls of ancient wisdom. So in that respect,” they proclaim, “they are indeed interconnected. Among others, we translated the lore of our esteemed leader Allyon, and the story of his people. There is also an ancient lengthy tale of a legendary blademaster and his apprentice, as well as a bone-chilling story of an ancient mythical ocean dwelling creature.”

Focusing on the eponymous Dragonstar, a “beacon of light and hope” and the rebirth of the mighty Dragonking himself, the many adventures since »Heroes Of Mighty Magic« shaped and altered their latest offering. “We are now older, and therefore wiser,” they state rather smugly. “All our experiences, encounters, trials, joys and hardships, have shaped the way we forge our creations. Hence, we would dare say that we have expanded on certain elements in our crafting, as well as held back on others, so as to maintain a balance of the forces, and establish a soundscape that encompasses all the musical elements we wish to convey.” Roll your dices, bring your lembas, fill your horns: TWILIGHT FORCE are back!