Blind Guardian




  1. Fly
  2. Skalds And Shadows (acoustic version)
  3. In A Gadda Da Vida (cover version)

Presumably, the four young musicians that raised a band with the meaningful name BLIND GUARDIAN out of the earth in 1984 weren’t aware of which extraordinary paths they would walk in the future. Since their debut BATTALIONS OF FEAR (1988), the band from Krefeld, Germany, strolled uphill constantly and spared absolutely no pain. The mission to stir up the metal scene was deeply anchored in heart and mind. Already FOLLOW THE BLIND (1989) indicated that the fab four would go down in history as an extraordinary band. The third strike, TALES FROM THE TWILIGHT WORLD (1990), obliged everybody in to metal to lend BLIND GUARDIAN both ears. Then SOMEWHERE FAR BEYOND (1992) established the mixture that signifies BLIND GUARDIAN today.

The message that BLIND GUARDIAN sent was spread somewhere far beyond the frontiers of middle-earth… …and finally arrived in Japan. The lore of the undaunted speed metal bards circulated so forcefully in the land of the rising sun that one special gig had to be conserved for all eternities. The first live album TOKYO TALES (1993) was the result. Two years later, IMAGINATIONS FROM THE OTHER SIDE (1995), refined with new caused a stir in the scene, a masterpiece of ambitious fantasy metal. The next step was a sort of rarities compilation called THE FORGOTTEN TALES (1996) which featured a phenomenal live version of the classic 'Bard´s Song – In The Forest'. Then nightfall came to middle-earth: BLIND GUARDIAN released their most complex effort up to date with a great story, many interludes and timelessly classics such as 'Mirror, Mirror'. NIGHTFALL IN MIDDLE-EARTH (1998) carved BLIND GUARDIAN into the brains of so many fans, that the next studio album A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (2002) entered the German album charts at 5 – truly a sensation! One year later, the band released their second live album, simply called LIVE (2003) – an impressive collection of classics on two CDs. Accompanied by the LIVE album BLIND GUARDIAN organised a festival of their own, 6000 fans came to see them over two separate nights. The proof that the evening was magic is the live DVD IMAGINATIONS THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (2004). It captured the atmosphere of the festival perfect.

Across the years, it became somewhat quiet around the bards. Plans were carefully made and it was decided to continue with some new allies. A deal with NUCLEAR BLAST records was signed and new drummer Frederik Ehmke joined the family. Charlie Bauerfeind, long-time producer of BLIND GUARDIAN, gave the eagerly-awaited new studio album the right sound again. As it’s always hard to wait, the band satisfied the curiosity of their fans with the single FLY (2006). What is concealed behind these three letters, blew away all expectations. The guardians still have some aces up their sleeves. Never repeating themselves, the band manages to develop further without forgetting their roots. Dynamics, epics, melodies, heaviness and speed combined to a impressive magic potion. Flying is believing!