Die Apokalyptischen Reiter




  1. Wahnsinn
  2. Eruption
  3. Rock ´n Roll
  4. Silence Of Sorrow
  5. Der Teufel
  6. Reitermaniacs
  7. Barmherzigkeit
  8. Per Aspera Ad Astra
  9. Lazy Day
  10. Die Sonne scheint
  11. Roll My Heart
  12. Hey-Ho
  13. Northern Lights

Breaking chains, crossing borders, smashing boundaries – if there is something out there that can fit these phrases, it's definitely DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER. The REITER have not only become a phenomenon in the metal scene with their exuberant, laid-back and explosive mix, but their distinctive approach to music is a magnet for the masses. DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER deals with music in an entirely innovative method. And now they have returned with their latest album, 'Samurai.' Their latest offering is doubtlessly the most venturesome ride from the sons of the heart of Germany. Rarely such extremity could be found on one album, but 'Samurai' is packed with heaviness and brutality while maintaining incredibly versatile and proliferating optimism. As a result of meticulously dedicated song writing, 'Samurai' cracks into your brain as intensely as the pounding production. The REITER don’t abscond nor join in the choir singing of doubters and naggers, they answer to life with affirmation, surprisingly hitting the charts with their last album “Have A Nice Trip,” proving that their sound is more than a mania of some loopy guys.

In July and August 2004 the REITER made their way to Denmark to record 13 brand-new songs in a relaxed atmosphere. Together with producer Tue Madsen they created the liveliest, most complex and most audacious album they ever made. Madsen confesses: 'Crazy East Germans come to my studio with seven shades of music, a total disregard of ´rules´ and a bunch of songs sticking their heads in every possible direction, and in need of execution but with an unrelenting lust for life. For weeks we have been barbequing in the rain, listening to Danish reggae and just having a good time....Oh yeah, and recorded an album full of reggae, Russia, Palestine, opera, punk, black metal, true metal hearts and what not. My life will never be the same again. I'm officially a Reiter maniac now.'

However, the real charm of the band is revealed on stage. Their inciting, entertaining performances have always been a guarantee for a commemorative atmosphere, therefore chosen as the most popular live act. Many of the moments that led to this choice was through several extensive tours through Europe with well-known acts like TESTAMENT, the exclusive support of the SUBWAY TO SALLY Christmas Tour, and of course the 'Powernights' – their first headliner tour in spring of 2004. Additionally, the bands excessive touring is just about uncountable, casting a manic spell over thousands at the With Full Force, Wacken, and Summer Breeze Open Air Festivals. Almost 30,000 kilometres of Rock'n'Roll every year, and still counting means no place is too far for them, with 'Samurai' the stint will steadily increase. Until you see them live, just inhale the unforgettable choruses of this album! A choir of countless voices will be appealing and you will know for sure: There is a 'Samurai' in all of us!