Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

The Divine Horsemen



  1. Tiki
  2. Salus
  3. Amma Guru
  4. Inka
  5. Nachtblume
  6. Aletheia
  7. Duir
  8. Children Of Mother Night
  9. Uelewa
  10. Haka
  11. Simbi Makya
  12. Wa He Gu Ru
  13. Akhi
  14. Ymir
  15. Eg On Kar

The only intelligence is consciousness.

'The suppression of freedom of thought inevitably leads to an energy congestion that will ultimately bring down any wall built by a totalitarian system or dictatorship.'
Eduard Shevardnadze

Germany’s DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER have prepared a truly special 25th anniversary release with “The Divine Horsemen”, which is a unique musical experiment: An album that has been recorded without any rehearsals or preparations during two days in autumn 2020. The band, engineer and a couple of friends locked themselves up in a rehearsal space and taped 500 minutes of improvised musical magic spanning anything from eruptive grind to tribal metal not unlike “Roots” by SEPULTURA as well as psychedelic, trippy pieces and even nods to black metal (‘Nachtblume’, ‘Ymir’). The material has been filtered into an 80 minutes long double vinyl / 2CD release and produced by Alexander Dietz from HEAVEN SHALL BURN, and offers a stunning, captivating journey through a myriad of sounds and styles. Adding a variety of effects and instruments like didgeridoo, djembe, doumbek, gong, frame drums, jaw harp to the quintet’s sonic arsenal and combining it with improvised, multilingual vocals “The Divine Horsemen” in essence is also a tribute to a variety of cultures and influences.

Nuclear Blast will release “The Divine Horsemen” physically as strictly limited double LP with 32-page LP booklet featuring illustrations for each track crafted by vocalist Fuchs, limited 2CD with 36-page booklet and on all digital platforms. In line with the uniqueness of this recording, the physical formats will only be available once!


This is one of the few known sound recordings of a multidimensional, intercultural work. A snapshot in which people served as the medium. It can be used to enter into dialogue with infinity. The audible vibrations were used to open a portal and represent only a small part of the ritual. The vibration is not a composition and it is not reproducible. The transcendence can still be felt after the portal has been closed by the vibration. In order to achieve the greatest possible effect, it should be taken in dead position and as motionless as possible.

When the gods met to decide on the calling of the spirits and their chosen ones, the earth time according to Christian belief was 25.10.1995. And mankind was on the verge of extinction. Between 0:04 and 23:33 the dimensional portal could be opened and it should close again for 25 earth years afterwards. The question that the higher beings had to ask themselves was which of them should incarnate on earth. The choice fell on:

Simbi Makaya, the master of all magicians
Papa Loko, the patron saint of all healers,
Ogoun, the spirit of the warrior,
Marassa Jumeaux, the mystical personification of divine power
Madamme Erzulie, the spirit of love.

The Chosen Mortals belonged to a small group that operates worldwide and still has access to their I. They call themselves the “True Men”. Five of them faced the ecstasy and the bloody ritual and let themselves be occupied. With the help of these powerful and sometimes very angry spirits, it was now their task to plant the seeds for the new time, to give humanity the possibility of healing and to prepare them for the great leap. For about 5000 thousand years the earth was infested by Azedopods, originally from Arcturus. These very unpleasant hydrogen sulphide inhabitants of the universe feed on bad thoughts and always provide supplies until the host destroys itself and dies. The swarm then passes on to the next life form or planet. So it was unfortunately not possible for humans to perceive the vibration coming from the source, which has been increasing for centuries. They simply wavered further and are now on the verge of losing their minds.

But the great leap is imminent. The leap that dissolves all validity, all laws, all time, all distance, all finiteness. An explosion of consciousness, for which one should be prepared, because for a species with rather lesser talents, which finds itself everywhere from one day to the next and simultaneously in the past and the future, even in the whole universe, this is not easy to digest at first. Otherwise, they, like all other higher life forms in space, would stumble over their planet in ecstasy and bliss. Humanity had manoeuvred itself into a dead end. From the highest intergalactic authority, it was decided to help them to accept the upcoming changes of their environment, to get rid of the annoying azedopods and not to lose their minds. After 25 years the mission of the spirits and their chosen ones seemed to be successfully completed and the portal opened for their return on 25. and 26. 10. 2020...

...but they are still there!