The Last Supper (Remastered)



  1. The Last Supper
  2. A Funeral Without A Cry
  3. Impalement Without Mercy
  4. March Of The Dead
  5. The Rapture Of Cremation
  6. Engulfed In Eternal Frost
  7. D.I.E.
  8. In Remembrance Of Hate And Sorrow
  9. Bloodbath In Paradise Pt.II
  10. Kruzifixion

Upon renewing their deal with global metal giant Nuclear Blast Records, infamous death/black metal outfit BELPHEGOR – formed in Salzburg, Austria back in 1991 (under the name Betrayer) – now gears up for a trip back to their early days by unleashing remastered versions of “The Last Supper” and “Blutsabbath”. Originally released in 1995 on Lethal Records respectively 1997 through Last Episode, the blasphemous, antireligious savagery for which the band is known and feared for, came into being on these recordings. “The Last Supper” sonically is closer to the 90’s death metal wave (Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Morbid Angel) whereas “Blutsabbath” saw the band fully embrace the rawness of black metal shaping the group’s trademark sound. Also, the shocking lyrics and extreme imagery as well as their ceaseless touring helped them to quickly build a strong, loyal audience around the world. Remastered by Andy Classen in 2021, you will immediately realize how vicious these two albums still sound today.

“The Last Supper” will be released as Gatefold LP with a slipcase to censor the updated ‘Baby Jesus Cut To Pieces’ art by Ralph Manfreda, and as digital album.

“Blutsabbath” will be released as Gatefold LP and digitally.

Both albums are also available as 2CD jewelcase with a cover card featuring the uncensored “The Last Supper” art on the back.

Expect a new album to surface in May 2022.