Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

Tobsucht - Reitermania Over Wacken & Party.San



  1. …Vom Ende Der Welt
  2. Friede Sei Mit Dir
  3. Riders On The Storm
  4. Himmelskind
  5. …Und Vier Reiter Stehen Bereit
  6. Revolution
  7. Seemann
  8. Sehnsucht
  9. MMMX
  10. We Will Never Die
  11. Der Kleine Wicht
  12. Reitermania
  13. Die Sonne Scheint
  14. Geopfert
  15. Instinct
  16. Unter Der Asche
  17. Gone
  18. Die Schönheit Der Sklaverei
  19. The Fire
  20. Erhelle Meine Seele
  21. The March Of Revenge
  22. The Smell Of Death
  23. V.A.D.E.R.
  24. The Iron Fist
  25. Dostulata
  26. Metal Will Never Die

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER (='The Apocalyptic Riders') are tearing down every barrier since more than one decade: Between melancholy and soulfulness, unruly hate and infinite love, infatuating folklore and smashing, brachial sound, the Riders have found their home. Over and over new influences, again and again something different – nevertheless the music is refined with an undeniable charm. This blow on the coals with the inner fire of passion makes Fuchs, Pitrone, Volk-Man, Dr. Pest and Sir G one of the best German live acts.

Their enormous creativity makes sure that DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER can't be bounded to conventional metal. Even more: They expand it to a roundelay of emotions, languages and ecstasy.

Now it´s time for their first ever DVD 'Tobsucht – Reitermania over Wacken & Party.San'. Two remarkable live shows one DVD. Whereas 'Reitermania Over Wacken' represents the newer side of the band and a 'regular' (in fact, there is no regular Reiter-Show as every show is unique) show, 'Reitermania Over Party.San' is a special old school gig with some almost forgotten gems from the first three albums! Both shows are legendary and really worth to be documented on this DVD – for every fan who missed these special shows.

'Tobsucht – Reitermania over Wacken & Party.San' is an impressive statement of a band that continually evolved and grew over the years, but always remember: The best is yet to come!

DVD: (176:23)



- Backstage Report
- Roadmovie Russia / Ukraine
- Fanvideo contest
- Slide show