The bloody roots of Malevolence stretch back to 2010 when childhood friends, guitarists Josh Baines and Konan Hall, who had been playing together since 2005 joined up with bassist Wilkie Robinson and drummer Charlie Thorpe, and recorded the first proper Malevolence demo with Alex Taylor on vocals. Fueled on a steady diet of Roadrunner Records samplers and Road Rage tours, the seeds for Malevolence were planted. In 2013, Malevolence burst upon the worldwide stage with the release of the debut album Reign of Suffering on Siege of Amida/Century Media, touring Europe with Dying Fetus and then charging through America with Kublai Khan and Jesus Piece.

With a clutch of plaudits for their self-released 2020 3-track EP, The Other Side, which featured Knocked Loose vocalist Bryan Garris on the track, ‘Keep Your Distance‘, Malevolence set to the business of writing and recording Malicious Intent – in the shadow of COVID and a worldwide lockdown. The fivesome turned isolation into focus.

It's clear – Malevolence is set to explode in 2022. Already distinguishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in an exploding UK metal scene, they’ve stepped to the front of the class with force and finesse. Their intent has never been so completely realized.

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