Los Angeles rock band 96 BITTER BEINGS has released an incendiary new anthem and final single, 'Fire Skyline,' from their long-awaited, second full-length album, Synergy Restored, that's due on November 4th from Nuclear Blast. 

Deron Miller, founding songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, explains the meaning behind the song: 
"'Fire Skyline' is simply about 3 teenagers, 2 boys and a girl, that conspire together to set Hollywood on fire at midnight. After successfully setting up their implements of arson, they head to to the roof of a 50 floor hotel. Sitting on the edge with their legs over the side, they pass around a bottle of vodka and watch the panic and chaos ensue. The sight of the horizon becoming a dark orange is the most incredible thing they’ve ever seen." 

Pre-Order Synergy Restored: https://bfan.link/96BB-SynergyRestored
Stream 'Fire Skyline': https://bfan.link/96BB-FireSkyline
'Fire Skyline' Visualizer: https://youtu.be/PozFFCHnD3U

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Years in the making, 96 BITTER BEINGS' Synergy Restored is 11 songs of relentless power and vibe. Four-on-the-floor, fuzzy and visceral, proper rock n’ roll made by an actual band, rather than a bunch of over-processed samples and otherwise stale shenanigans. Songs like 'Vaudeville’s Revenge,' '90 Car Pile-Up,' and 'Wish Me Dead' offer vivid reminders of the truth-telling prowess of guitars, bass, and drums. Miller is on fire, weaponizing the same knack for memorable musical epiphanies behind projects like Foreign Objects, World Under Blood and CKY.