SOILWORK continue to please their fans by releasing the next single of the upcoming album Övergivenheten. Today the Swedens release the third track 'Dreams Of Nowhere' from their new longplayer, which is out on August 19th.

Singer Björn Strid comments:
“Dreams of Nowhere serves up an atmosphere that reminds you of our roots in the Swedish mid 90’s death metal scene, with soaring riffs that sends melancholic and beautiful chills down your spine, but still brings you to where the heart of the band lies in 2022. Lyrics deal with the constant battle between reality and escapism.”

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Stream the new single 'Dreams Of Nowhere' here:

Along with the new track 'Dreams Of Nowhere' comes also a brand new music video which can be watched here:

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SOILWORK's steady consistency in creativity, which they have been delivering for years and also inspiring their fans with, is probably the most appropriate virtue that describes the band. Founded at the end of 1995, SOILWORK released their debut album Steelbath Suicide in 1998, which already received a good response. Between their debut album and album number five there were only five years, which means that by 2005 the band already had a lot of material out and since the switch to Nuclear Blast in 2001 at the latest, they had made the breakthrough. After a three-year album break, also caused by pandemic and difficult working conditions, SOILWORK are standing now in the starting blocks with their twelfth album Övergivenheten which is set to release in August 2022.
Additionally, the band announced that Rasmus Ehrborn has officially joined as new permanent bass player in the beginning of this year, which makes the SOILWORK line-up complete and ready again to capture the stages around the world!