Eclectic Norwegian hard rock band WHITE VOID are proud to release the first single, Do. Not. Sleep., from their upcoming debut album Anti, out March 12th, 2021 on NUCLEAR BLAST. The pre-order for Anti starts TODAY! You can watch the music video for Do. Not. Sleep. here:
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Pre-save Anti on the streaming plattform of your choice: Band leader and songwriter Lars Nedland (Borknagar, Solefald) comments: "'Do. Not. Sleep.' is about the strange mix of confusion, revolt and acceptance that follows the recognition of the absurdity of existence. Also, it’s about making the guitar driven hard rock of the 70s wrestle the new wave cockiness of the 80s. Like Charles Bronson fighting a peacock. You get the idea. The video was shot during one intense day in October and was directed by yours truly and Magne Hage. This is your introduction: Welcome to the Void." PHYSICAL FORMATS: CD Jewelcase CD Jewelcase + Patch (ltd. to 200) Gatefold LP - Black Gatefold LP - White (ltd. to 300) Gatefold LP - Pink + Grey Splatter (ltd. to 100) "Anti" tracklist: 1. Do. Not. Sleep. 2. There is No Freedom but the End 3. Where You Go, You'll Bring Nothing 4. The Shovel and the Cross 5. This Apocalypse is for You 6. All Chains Rust, all Men Die 7. The Fucking Violence of Love 8. The Air was Thick with Smoke Pre-order the album here: