Today, Norwegian eclectic hard rock band WHITE VOID are proud to present "This Apocalypse Is For You", the second single from their upcoming debut album, Anti, which is scheduled to be released on March 12th, 2021. Like its predecessor this catchy uptempo tune is accompanied by a stylish music video, but now the imagery is a lot more surreal and symbol-laden. You can watch the music video for This Apocalypse Is For You here:
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Pre-save Anti on the streaming plattform of your choice: Pre-order the album here: Front man Lars Nedland comments on the song: “The absurd can never be permanently accepted. It requires constant confrontation, unbroken revolt. If you fail revolting, This apocalypse is for you! This is a song about crises. Also, it’s a song to put some boogie in your life. Because everyone needs boogie! The video was beautifully created by animation wizard Joakim Storsve and editor Daniel Øverland, and draws inspiration from the oil painting "Adrift" by Jeremy Geddes, which incidentally serves as the cover for our debut album. Enjoy the uproar, the cosmonauts and the boogie.”