FALLUJAH - Empyrean WHITE VINYL - 2LP weiß

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Death Metal

The new album by FALLUJAH "Empyrean" will be released as a white double LP in a sleeve. Limited to 300 copies!


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Tech-metal outfit FALLUJAH intensify their metallic dynamism on stunning new album, "Empyrean". Built on an “all killer, no filler” maxim, the Bay Area-based quartet delivered just that on album number five. From video single “Radiant Ascension” and “Embrace Oblivion” to “Soulbreaker” and “Mindless Omnipotent Master,” "Empyrean" is breathtaking in atmospheric expanse and impressive in sophistication. FALLUJAH’s remodeled lineup contributed significantly to the level-up on display. Primary songwriter/guitarist Scott Carstairs and compeer/drummer Andrew Bairden listed Archaeologist’s Kyle Schaefer and Evan Brewer (formerly Entheos/The Faceless) as their new vocalist and bassist, respectively. Technicians at heart but looking for old flames, FALLUJAH rediscovered their muse on "Empyrean".



Side A
1. The Bitter Taste Of Clarity
2. Radiant Ascension
3. Embrace Oblivion

Side B
4. Into The Eventide
5. Eden's Lament

Side C
6. Soulbreaker
7. Duality Of Intent
8. Mindless Omnipotent Master

Side D
9. Celestial Resonance
10. Artifacts

More Information
Release Date Sep 9, 2022