NUCLEAR BLAST + SUMMER BREEZE - announce Nuclear Blast Label Night

Father Christmas has visited early this year: Today, NUCLEAR BLAST and SUMMER BREEZE Open Air are happy to announce the eleventh NUCLEAR BLAST label night in Dinkelsbühl on Wednesday, August 16th, featuring SEPULTURA, SOILWORK, BLEED FROM WITHIN, MALEVOLENCE and GATECREEPER.

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Father Christmas has visited early this year: Today, NUCLEAR BLAST and SUMMER BREEZE Open Air are happy to announce the eleventh NUCLEAR BLAST label night in Dinkelsbühl on Wednesday, August 16th, featuring SEPULTURA, SOILWORK, BLEED FROM WITHIN, MALEVOLENCE and GATECREEPER.

Day passes are not sold for the Wednesday event, the NUCLEAR BLAST label night can be attended with a regular festival ticket. You can purchase tickets for SUMMER BREEZE OPEN AIR 2023 here:

The joy in the NUCLEAR BLAST headquarters is palpable.
CEO Marcus Hammer states:
"I am more than happy that in 2023, we are able to herald our partnership with Summer Breeze with a NUCLEAR BLAST label night. Once again, we managed to put together a strong line-up giving the fans a fantastic start to the festival."

About Nuclear Blast

For 35 years and counting, Nuclear Blast Records is synonymous with the worldwide advancement of heavy metal, extreme music, and hard rock. Founded in Donzdorf, Germany in 1987, Nuclear Blast boasts a roster of over 150 bands representing eighteen countries. Their satellite offices in Donzdorf, Los Angeles, London, Hamburg and Paris have helped build the label’s trusted global reputation with numerous Billboard album chart entries, high-profile tours, and continual signings of new and heritage acts. The label has additional representatives in Australia, Brazil, Finland, Sweden, amongst others.

About Summer Breeze

SUMMER BREEZE Open Air is a German metal music festival which takes place in Dinkelsbuehl, Bavaria annually. The first edition was in 1997. The festival had been held in Abtsgmuend until 2006 when it was moved to its new location of Dinkelsbuehl. The festival draws around 40,000 attendees annually. In 2017 a new main stage was introduced and the 20th Anniversary was celebrated extensively. SUMMER BREEZE pays special attention to a balanced line-up of bands from different heavy metal genres. Each year the festival attaches major importance to how the line-up is put together. From bands that are deeply rooted in the underground to genre representatives with the highest standing in the worldwide music scene SUMMER BREEZE Open Air is trying to present a diversified billing each year. Being aware of the significance of supporting younger bands the festival has began to lay emphasis on a growing (social) media coverage of the prospective heroes of tomorrow. With over 1000 different bands in the last two decades from around 20 different countries, there is a lot to experience at each edition of SUMMER BREEZE, and that´s a recurring promise and an honoured pledge.