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BIOHAZARD: Reigniting Hardcore's Flame

With their unique mixture of Hardcore, Metal and Groove/Rap, BIOHAZARD crested the Mount Olympus of the international Hardcore and Metal scene at the beginning of the 90s.

What started out with »Biohazard« (1990) found its worthy continuation in »Urban Discipline« (1992) and »State Of The World Address« (1994). Of »Urban Discipline« over one million pieces were sold. With ´Punishment´ it contained the biggest hit of the band’s history to date and it made the boys from Brooklyn become internationally acclaimed superstars.
In 1995, guitarist Bobby Hambel left the band, but the fans stuck to their guns and vehemently demanded a reunion in the subsequent years – with success.

Early 2008 the original band members Billy Graziadei, Danny Schuler, Bobby Hambel, and Evan Seinfeld got it together and rehearsed together for the first time in many years, which entailed only positive feedback. Billy Graziadei for example put on record: “Being in the same room with my old friends kicked ass!“

Danny Schuler added that all of them were highly delighted at the fact that all of the old quarrels were settled – life was too short for conflicts like that anyhow. In 2009 BIOHAZARD played some highly celebrated shows in their original line-up. “It felt as if we had never quit. We stood on stage and felt just like back in the days. This very energy allowed us to write new songs together“, commented Billy.
BIOHAZARD signed a contract with Nuclear Blast and went into the studio with Toby Wright (Slayer, Alice In Chains, Fear Factory, Soulfly) to work on the ninth album.

The result was »Reborn In Defiance« (entered the German Album Charts on position 80) - the fulminant comeback of the Hardcore veterans, which enthralled both old and new fans from the 23rd of September on. Even though the exit of Evan Seinfeld – former bass player and singer of the band – came by surprise, it couldn’t put a damper on BIOHAZARD’s booming tendency. BIOHAZARD are back – with well-tried qualities yet still stronger than ever!

BIOHAZARD: Resilient Return to the Spotlight

The legacy of BIOHAZARD continues to thrive as they make their triumphant return to the forefront of the Hardcore scene, igniting fervor among fans old and new with their unparalleled energy and uncompromising sound.

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