Today, on the 27th of July, the eagerly awaited European Tour of seminal NYC hardcore veterans AGNOSTIC FRONT kicks off at Bausendorf (GER) at the Riez Open Air. AGNOSTIC FRONT have changed the face of music throughout their 36-year long career and were partially responsible for the creation of the hardcore genre itself. These rarely confronted and always respected leaders of hardcore were established as one of the meanest-sounding bands in the emerging punk genre, helping to initiate the term "hardcore", and placing an entire uproar on the New York map by association. From the start, AGNOSTIC FRONTreleased a catalogue of fast and violent punk tunes consisting of distinctive and aggressive drumming, fuming guitars, overdriven bass work, and a non-stop barrage of chaotic shouting. More on »The American Dream Died«: 'Never Walk Alone' music video: 'Old New York' music video: 'Police Violence' music video: 'The American Dream Died' music video: 'A Wise Man'music video: