The wait is finally over and today sees the long awaited release of »Ategnatos«, the new masterpiece of Swiss folk metal stars ELUVEITIE via Nuclear Blast. »Ategnatos« has received critical acclaim from the press and public alike: »Ategnatos« is 100% ELUVEITIE. Thumbs up!" Metal Hammer (D) “With »Ategnatos«, ELUVEITIE confirms once again their status of one of the best enchantress Metal band ever!” Metallian (FR) “A great step forward, the most accomplished album of their career so far” MyRock (FR) "For the lovers of distant epochs, warring atmospheres, pagan culture and fairytale landscapes, »Ategnatos« is a delightful godsend, but for ELUVEITIE this album is the final milestone of a genre now ready to conquer the world. They call it New Wave Of Folk Metal". Rock Hard (IT) Chrigel Glanzmann states: "Our dear new „baby“ is born and now the time has come for us it „let it go“ and release it into the whole wide world. We're extremely excited and curious to do so, for we're proud of »Ategnatos«! Creating it was a deep and intense experience, it was like a journey, the voyage of a fellowship of nine souls and nine musicians alike. But it's not only that we formed the songs on that album, it's also the other way around – »Ategnatos« formed us! And now we're beyond excited to let it go on it's own journey throughout the world and to see how it will speak to all of you!“ The band also presents their third track-by-track video today. Check it out here:

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