ELUVEITIE are a phenomenon that has been spreading over the world for more than 15 years. Starting with their legendary debut album "Spirit" (2006), across the outstanding "Slania" (2008) to their last masterpiece "Ategnatos" (2019), the Swiss have developed a groundbreaking recipe. The hit density of their band history is proven at live shows particularly. This will be caught on record once more in 2019. "Live At Masters Of Rock" is ELUVEITIE's first live album in their new line up and with songs from their current work "Ategnatos" will be out on November 1st, 2019. The Swiss Folk Metal institution presented their extraordinary ability to combine stirring music with the mystical and philosophical essence of Celtic mythology, Gallic history, and proto-European culture into one groundbreaking sound at this memorable performance once again. The result is a masterly spectacle that leads through the epochal band history like a raging storm and leads fans and sightseers to immerse deeply into the musical cosmos of the Swiss. Be it songs like "Ategnatos" and "Rebirth" or earlier hits like "Helvetios" or "King" – the implementation is breathtaking. The really big numbers of ELUVEITIE are not missing in the setlist as well, of course: Everybody can now enjoy at home the unbeatable energy that the band develops on "The Call Of The Mountains" or "Inis Mona". The band states: "We've always been a passionate live band! But in the last 2 years we have continuously and relentlessly worked on our live performance, more than ever, and massively enhanced our complete live production! We're quite proud of it and we really wanna share it with all of our fans!" The tracklist of "Live at Masters of Rock": 01. Ategnatos 02. King 03. The Call Of The Mountains 04. Deathwalker 05. Worship 06. Artio 07. Epona 08. A Rose For Epona 09. Thousandfold 10. Ambiramus 11. Drumsolo 12. Havoc 13. Breathe 14. Helvetios 15. Rebirth 16. Inis Mona "Live at Masters Of Rock" will be available for pre-orders on September 13rd, 2019. Order the current studio album "Ategnatos" here: http://nblast.de/EluveitieAtegnatos