Last Friday, thrash metal legends EXHORDER released their first album in 27 years, »Mourn The Southern Skies,« via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band is back with two new trailers, the first in which they compare the new album to their classic 1992 record »The Law,« and in the second they talk about the NOLA metal scene. Watch the videos below. Watch video trailer #5: Comparing Albums: Watch video trailer #6: NOLA Metal Scene: More on »Mourn The Southern Skies«: 'My Time' OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: 'Hallowed Sound' OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO: Track Trailer - What's Behind 'My Time': Track Trailer - What's Behind 'Hallowed Sound': Album Trailer #1 - The Sound of EXHORDER: Album Trailer #2 - A New Age: Album Trailer #3 - The Topics Of »Mourn The Southern Skies«: Album Trailer #4 - »Mourn The Southern Skies« Out Now: Purchase or stream »Mourn The Southern Skies« now: