2020 is going to be a memorable year for the death metal force VADER: the band from Poland have ample reason to celebrate! In 1990, thirty years ago, their second demo "Morbid Reich" was released - opening a completely new world to the band and kick-starting their career. Five years later, the second album "De Profundis" followed, set to celebrate its 25th birthday next year. In 2000, twenty years ago, "Litany" was released - one of the most popular VADER albums to date. And last but not least: their mini album "Art Of War" is also celebrating its 15 anniversary! To honour these landmark occasions, VADER have dedicated a whole anniversary tour to these four works, set to take band across Europe in March 2020, with support to come from bands DEFILED, CHRONOSPHERE and FALLCIE. In May 2019, VADER released their latest EP "Thy Messenger". It was recorded in the Hertz Studios under the supervision of the Wieslawski Brothers. The cover was created by Wes Benscoter who already collaborated with VADER for the "De Profundis" LP and already designed covers for artists like SLAYER, KREATOR and SINISTER.