Epic (The Poetry Of War)



  1. Il Diavolo In Me
  2. Damnation Is Here
  3. Era Of The Merciless
  4. As The Glorious Weep
  5. Shivers Of A New World
  6. Manipulator Of Souls
  7. Wounds
  8. What We Endure
  9. When Time Stands Still

In 1992 Kataklysm arose with only one goal: delivering the most punishing music ever created by combining melody and power into one devastating force! And they did. It only took Kataklysm a 3-song demo (The Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation) to gather both recognition from fans and a record deal with German label Nuclear Blast.

In 1994 Kataklysm released their first official effort world-wide, the now classic demo plus the bonus track “The Orb Of Uncreation” to form “The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnaition” EP. Upon its release, Kataklysm established a new form of extreme music...Northern Hyperblast!!! The critics around the world agreed…Kataklysm were top contenders in the underground metal scene.

In 1995, the Canadian hyperblasters released their first full-length album, “Sorcery”, and proved that their unmatched lyrical approach and mystical trilogies, powerful yet melodic guitar riffs, pounding distorted bass and uncompromising blast beats and drumming were a force with which to be reckoned. Soon after “Sorcery’s” release, fans got to experience the kataklysmic wrath live when Kataklysm embarked on their first European tour alongside Deicide, Cathedral, Brutal Truth, Sinister, and Fleshcrawl. Kataklysm devastated everywhere they performed, as such heaviness was never heard live before. Kataklysm quickly got a stronghold on their European fan base. The same scenario repeated itself not only in the U.S. and Canada but also in Mexico where Kataklysm were the first Canadian band to tour. In 1996 the band released their most technical and brutal release, “Temple Of Knowledge”. Acclaimed world-wide, the band also released a video for the track 'The Awakener,' which soon became the band’s most popular song. They quickly capitalized on the video’s unprecedented success with their first official headlining tour of America.

In 1997 Kataklysm parted ways with Nuclear Blast and the label re-released “The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation” and “Sorcery” on one disc with bonus tracks as part of the Nuclear Blast classic releases. In 1998 Kataklysm signed with Canadian label Hypnotic International and released their most experimental album, “Victims Of This Fallen World”, which saw the band explore their early hardcore influences, giving the CD a rawness that previous releases lacked. Nevertheless, the album was well received and KATAKLYSM earned their best review at that time in the German magazine Hammer, 6/7! (The album was only released in Canada and Europe because of distribution problems.) After a three-year absence from the European live scene, Kataklysm embarked on the long-awaited comeback tour and effectively proved once again what pure power is all about. They toured the old continent alongside some of the underground’s best acts: Vader, Cannibal Corpse, and Dark Funeral. Even if the band was not headlining, they were performing encores! Kataklysm also released a limited CD in Germany and Canada – raw and uncut for the fans only – Northern Hyperblast Live..

In 1999, with contractual obligations fulfilled, Kataklysm left Hypnotic International. The band resigned a multi-album deal with former label Nuclear Blast, after solving their past differences.

In 2000 Kataklysm released their fourth full-length album entitled “The Prophecy (Stigmata of the Immaculate)”. The press was very enthusiastic about it, and the CD received phenomenal reviews in some of the most important magazines world-wide (Bw&Bk, Pit, Metal Maniacs, Rock Hard, Hammer, Metal Hammer to name a few). After the release of “The Prophecy”, Kataklysm again had the chance to ignite the stages in Europe. Together with their labelmates Hypocrisy, Destruction, Crematory and Raise Hell, they played the Nuclear Blast Festival tour.

In 2001 Kataklysm released “Epic (The Poetry of War)”. With this album they again showed the world that there is no band in the universe that is more brutal and less compromising than Kataklysm.

If you don’t believe, check out songs like “Il Diavolo In Me,” “Damnation Is Here,” “Shivers Of a New World” or any of the other fantastically brutal tracks.
If you ever wanted to hear the poetry of war, you now have your chance!!!