1. Prevail
  2. Taking The World By Storm
  3. The Chains of Power
  4. As Death Lingers
  5. Blood In Heaven
  6. To The Throne Of Sorrow
  7. Breathe To Dominate
  8. Tear Down The Kingdom
  9. The Vultures Are Watching
  10. The Last Effort (Renaissance II)
  11. Like Angels Weeping The Dark
  12. As I Slither
  13. In Shadows & Dust
  14. Crippled and Broken
  15. The Ambassador of Pain
  16. Let Them Burn
  17. Manipulator of Souls
  18. The Resurrected
  19. Face The Face of War
  20. Where The Enemy Sleeps
  21. The Road To Devastation

The kings of northern hyperblast are back with a bang! Once more KATAKLYSM are about to put another jewel named „Prevail“ onto their death metal crown! No mercy, no compromise – just brutality!

The production process once again was supervised by the bands guitarist J-F Dagenais while the mix was done by the one and only Jason Suecof (CHIMAIRA, TRIVIUM, DEVILDRIVER, BURY YOUR DEAD…) which makes “Prevail” just sound as violent and square-edged as it should! Besides opening an album as brutal as it gets, KATAKLYSM also invited some guests to take part in their plan to world domination. Shredding some heavy stuff will be Pat O’Brian of CANNIBAL CORPSE fame as well as Dave Linsk (OVERKILL) and again Suecof himself. Also KATAKLYSM managed to set up new stage killers like the opening track or the programmic “The Chains Of Power” that will crush everything in its wake.

Founded 1991 in Canada, KATAKLYSM started their battle for the top spot with the now classic EP 'The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation' as their first official release on Nuclear Blast records in 1994. The critically acclaimed follow-ups 'Sorcery' (1995) and 'Temple Of Knowledge' (1996) left the Death Metal scene breathless with its brutal yet technical and sophisticated approach. The band continued to release top quality records like 1998's 'Victims Of This Fallen World' and 2000's 'The Prophecy'. It seemed 2001 was the year that brought the most changes for the band: „EPIC: The Poetry Of War“ combined KATAKLYSM´S brutal side and their trademark blastbeats with brilliant hooks and melodies – the hit anthem „Manipulator Of Souls“ proofs just that. The now classic 'Shadows & Dust' album saw the KATAKLYSM fanbase grow even bigger: the video for the catchy title track 'In Shadows & Dust' gained KATAKLYSM the title as the first Death Metal band to be featured on the return of MTV America's „Headbanger`s Ball“.

2004 was nothing short of a phenomenal year for KATAKLYSM with the release of the band`s 7th album, 'Serenity In Fire'. The guys crushed everything on their North American tour with the legendary DANZIG and also on their first headlining tour in the fall of the same year. Triumphal festival shows and winning the Canadian Indie Music Awards completed a highly successful year in the band`s history. After putting out „In The Arms Of Devastation“ the band also began massive touring with the likes of CHIMAIRA, BEHEMOTH and DIMMU BORGIR among others. The album also hit the German Media Control Charts at position 76 in its first week on sale!

KATAKLYSM have achieved leader status and have proved - just like good wine - aging can be a good thing!