Temple Of Knowledge



  1. The Unholy Signature (Segment I - Utterly Significant)
  2. Beckoning The Xul (Segment II - In The Midst Of The Azonei's Dominion)
  3. Point Of Evanescence (Segment III - Of Sheer Perseverance)
  4. Fathers From The Suns (Act I - The Occurred Barrier)
  5. Enhanced By The Lore (Act II- Scholarship Ordained)
  6. In Paralell Horizons (Act III - Spontaneous Aura Projection)
  7. The Awakener (Epoch I - Summon The Legends)
  8. Maelstrom 2010 (Epoch II - Omens About The Great Infernos)
  9. Exode Of Evils (Epoch III - Ladder Of The Thousand Parsecs)
  10. L'odysee

1996 Nuclear Blast