Sonata Arctica

Founded 20 years ago, the ambitious Finns quickly grew into the position as gate keepers of the best melodic metal sounds; bursting with the innovative joy of playing and completed with their special, individual note; the voice of Tony Kakko. Nine masterpieces have been created in the last two decades of the band’s history, and stylistically, SONATA ARCTICA have never let themselves be deprived of trying out new ways and leaving old habits behind. From classical Power Metal to more progressive excursions, to now finally combining the best of many sonic worlds, each album has its own charm - a perceptible life of its own.

Yet SONATA ARCTICA have always been true to themselves. With their skills, their talent, their wealth of ideas and their daring, the band has decisively influenced the genre and had a lasting impact on it. Now is the time to open a new chapter: “Talviyö”. It can already be stated that the band has succeeded in creating a colossal masterpiece, but let’s start at the beginning... Only three years have passed since the brilliant predecessor “The Ninth Hour”, three years in which the quintet has been anything but idle.

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