CRYPTOPSY - None so vile (25th anniversary edition) - CD+DVD

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None so vile (25th anniversary edition) - CD+DVD
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Death Metal
The 25th anniversary edition of the best Canadian death metal album ever! With bonus DVD from 1996. Limited edition of 2,000 copies worldwide as digibook. What is there to say about this album that has never been said before? This album can be described in several words: Timeless. Necessary. Masterpiece. Definitive. Disgusting. Yes, even Nauseous falls into this category, because believe it or not, back when Cryptopsy released "None So Vile" in 1996, it was unlike anything else at the time. From the first drum hits and guitar riffs of "Crown Of Horns" it was clear, and still is today, that Cryptopsy have improved since "Blasphemy Made Flesh". But then you combine some of the most technical and fast Death Metal to date with the vile screams, growls, growls and grunts of vocalist Lord Worm and I'm sure 1996 was the year Death Metal changed forever. Translated with (free version)
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Release Date Feb 18, 2022